Cinnamon Roll Wrapped Hot Dogs with Icing Is a Breakfast Delight

Image: Oh Bite It

Amy Erickson from Oh Bite It transformed the humble hot hog into something far sweeter and more mouthwatering by using a cinnamon roll. It is certainly delicious and you may consider it to be similar to the pretzel dog.

Amy Erickson used a rather simple recipe to achieve the effect. You need a chicken sausage and cinnamon rolls for making the dish along with an oven and corn dog sticks.

Amy Erickson used an apple flavored sausage and cinnamon rolls from Pillsbury for her creation. Cut the raw cinnamon rolls into slices. Take each slice of cinnamon roll and wrap them around the sausage until the sausage has been nicely covered.

Stick a corn dog stick into the sausage. You can then put the prepared sausage in an oven to be cooked. Once they have been cooked, you can layer a bit of icing over the sausage. The dish is now ready to eat.

Check out Oh Bite It for more detailed instructions and other crazy recipes.