There’s a new mural in town. If you pass through Third and Bush (by Yost Theatre) in Downtown Santa Ana, you’ll see a 220 x 36 mural “Sueños Revolucionarios” which translates to Revolutionary Dreams. The huge single letters, bright colors, and typographic style of art belongs to artist Ben Eine.

Eine is one of the UK’s most prolific street artists and began making his mark tagging on the streets of London in the 1980s. He later became a founding member of the print house and gallery Pictures-on-Walls, producing works for notable artists including Banksy and Faile. His letters have transformed streets around the world, and was most famously known for “Alphabet Street” where he spray painted letters on shop shutters down Middlesex Street, London in alphabetical sequence. “The feedback has been 100% positive,” Eine told The Guardian. “Spraypainting a shop shutter turns an ugly, boring thing into something interesting and colourful. I think you’d have to be a pretty negative person to find fault in it.”

Eine gained international recognition when David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, presented one of Eine’s work “Twenty First Century City” as one of the six official gifts to Barack Obama on his first trip to Washington as prime minster.

Marcas Gallery recently launched their public mural initiative by hosting Eine. The 45-year-old London native spent four days out in the sun, on a lift, using 100 spray cans to produce “‘Sueños Revolutionarios.” This the first of many large scale murals to be produce with local and international artists.

Image courtesy: Obey Magazine
Image courtesy: Obey Magazine
Image courtesy: Marcas Gallery