If you are in search of a solid meal, a good choice would be a meatball sub. After all, huge chunks of Italian meatballs are covered with delicious and melted cheese. However, a question can certainly arise as to the location of the meat. In other words, have you wondered what would happen if the cheese was actually inside the meat instead of the other way around?

That is exactly what Peep My Sneaks decided to find out creating a short and yet mouthwatering recipe in the process. Peep My Sneaks happens to be a popular chef on Instagram.

Peep My Sneaks has given the name, ‘Italiano’, to this meaty and cheesy recipe which is not too difficult. The recipe does not use ground beef. Instead of it, Italian sausage is ground up and a big meat stick is created out of the ground sausage. Mozzarella cheese is then stuffed inside the meat. The prepared meat is then deep fried. Finally, the meat stick is put inside the sub bread. Peep My Sneaks used garlic bread filled with marinara for the sub.

The complete recipe is available at Peep My Eats and an easy set of instructions is available in Instagram by Peep My Sneaks.